Precision Racing Suspension

Drag Racing’s leader for all of your suspension needs. Same great products, same top of the line ‘at track’ support, engineering, customer service and on track performance that everyone has grown to expect from Penske Racing Shocks, just with a new name.

Shocks that Win

From Pro Mod to Pro Stock, PRS shocks dominate the field. And for good reason. Our years of hands-on experiencing at the track means PRS has become the go-to choice for crew chiefs and racers across multiple series and classes.

Specializing in the building & servicing of Penske and Strange Engineering shocks

Expert Consulting

We don’t only build shocks, we get out and race them. Call on PRS for your suspension tuning needs. We work directly with teams to optimize their setups. From blistering 60′ times to top-end traction and control, we can develop, test, analyze and execute the right setup for you.